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Producer Esco On Ce’Cile: “People You Signed Have Nothing Good To Say”


Entertainer Ce’Cile is looking for a hardcore female artist to sign to her RBN label, but that may not be a good idea, according to veteran producer Esco Da Shocker.

Esco, co-creator of rhythms, which feature songs like Buju Banton’s Too Bad and Aidonia’s Ukku Bit, caught wind of Ce’Cile defending Popcaan amid “selfish” allegations. She encouraged peers to only promote artists they’ve signed, but Esco said she’s in no position to speak on the matter.    

“Cecile with all due respect you shouldnt speak on signings,” Esco commented on an Instagram post. “Ppl u signed or tried to help have nothing good to say👈🏾. Thats just facts.”

One such person was DIP artist Marcy Chin, who told DancehallMag that her early years at Downsound Records saw them working together, alongside producer Skatta Burrell. The pair had creative differences, including Ce’Cile’s alleged desire to make her a “hardcore” dancehall artist.

“She was the one that thought my song Lipstick was the ‘it’ song,” Chin said. “We weren’t in agreement on that, but mi trust her at the time because she is who she is and everybody see her as the person who knows it all… But then, it wasn’t.”

A student of music and pop culture, Chin had her eyes set on the global TikTok takeover, and anticipated its impact on the local music scene. She tried to plug Ce’Cile on the budding wave, but said it was dismissed.

Recording artist Marcy Chin

“I tried to show her about TikTok and she kinda rolled her eyes over at that,” Chin said. “She was one of those people saying TikTok is for kids.”

Chin shared that Ce’Cile and Burrell were gearing up to launch a label within the company, disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Skatta was saying, ‘Just hold out and I’m maybe gonna get you to sign with Joe’ – cause him believe inna the thing… Him see seh mi a star, so him a tell me fi hold out, while Ce’Cile a tell me fi pack it up.”

Producer Skatta Burrell (left) and Marcy Chin

Another female artist who Ce’Cile was working with was Lvna. The latter said their partnership was short-lived due to conflicting interests

Ce’Cile launched the RBN label in 2019, following years of behind-the-years work as a producer and songwriter. Working with Burrell on their Kings of Kings and CeCo labels, she produced rhythms like Double Jeopardy in 2001 which featured acts like Sizzla, Kiprich, Frisco Kid and Beenie Man.

She also has production credit for work with Jah Mike on the Reggae Vibes label, like the Nude rhythm, released in 2003.

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