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Principal seeks to allay concerns about Gender Day


The principal of the Deighton Griffith School, Major Michael Boyce, is seeking to allay concerns about plans to host a Gender Day on Thursday.

This after what he calls a misunderstanding in the public domain, following the circulation of a letter sent to parents and guardians about the activity.

In a statement, Major Boyce says the day is an extension of Gender Prayers where the boys’ assemble in one location and the girls’ in another.

He explains that during these sessions, students are engaged in discussions about a range of topics such as conduct, deportment, entrepreneurship, hygiene, motivation, nutrition and violence.

According to the principal, experience has shown this kind of arrangement for such discussions can be more beneficial and effective, especially at confidence building.

He says this will be replicated in the activity on Thursday, with sessions facilitated by members of staff and external resource personnel.

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