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Minister Marion Hall Says She Might Be “Going Back” To A Place She Never Imagined Revisiting


Minister Marion Hall ignited widespread speculation this morning with an announcement on Facebook, in which she hinted at a potential return to a place, which, according to her, she had never imagined revisiting.

Additionally, the Minister, formerly Lady Saw, has asked for her privacy and has indicated that persons do not send messages asking her to elaborate on the subject.

“I’m about to make some of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made in my life, which may take me back to a place, where I would never dream of going back, but seems to be heading back there, from this moment on. I know that many will cursed me out, and said they’ve predicted it, but what can I say. Sometimes, you just don’t have any fight left,” she noted on a photo post of her seemingly at a stadium.

“Please do not call my phone or send me any emails trying to find out, what’s happening with me, cause not much true love is out there for me, anyway. May God help us all in these times,” she added.

The post, made at dawn on Tuesday, has attracted the attention of her army of Christian followers, many of whom have sent her encouraging words and professed their support. However, it also resulted in assumptions that the Minister was on the verge of backsliding and returning to Dancehall full-time.

“Minister there are more of us that are for you than those that are against you. There are more of us rooting for you to win than you know. It is a hard road to travel but let me say how proud we are of you. You are a modern day Saul turned Paul… God called you and let [no] man rob you of that call. Those who are waiting for you to fail, let them die waiting. You shall not fail. You will overcome,” one woman stated.

The follower also invited the St. Mary native to reach out to her if she ever feels the need to “talk, connect, get counseling, prayer or support as you grow in your Pastoral walk” and “stay the path and win this race,” while urging her not to take her problems to social media.

“Lastly please find a trusted leader and pour out your challenges and do not post it on this place called Social media. Social media is for marketing, witnessing not for our issues because immature people will assume the worst and use it against us. We love you and God loves you more. Stand strong,” the follower noted.

There were also a handful of followers who opted to tease the Room in My House artist.

“Good morning Minister Marion Hall, look at that little boy – a chat to yuh back,” one man quipped, reminding her of her 2007 Dancehall song.

“Before I say anything about you Minister, what place is you thinking of going back? Is it back home to Jamaica ??” one woman asked.

One man also said he would welcome her back to Dancehall as she is the rightful queen.

“If this is a veiled notice of a return to dancehall, I for one will welcome you back to the throne with open arms. You are the 1 true and please know there is no shame in any life choices. God is only one who matters, he alone knows your heart,” he noted.

However, one woman, in a lengthy rebuke, sought to scold Hall on the premise that her comments would lead people to think that she was on her way out of Christendom.

“I do hope you are not speaking about backsliding! You didn’t say that but reading the comments the people are of that notion. If that’s the case you are confused… Just the other day I saw the church building and I watched you happily set it up and proclaiming the word of God! Also members are there and I also see you baptizing people! ” she began.

“Well if that’s the case you are on your own! I may sound harsh but the kingdom of God is real! No popishow! Not for trials ! It’s a called out and chosen task, so my sister you have to know about your conviction and if there was ever a conviction! But if you had a conviction and an encounter about this you can’t JUS get up every time someone trouble you are when pressure hit you and decide quit!” she continued.

Added the follower: ” What kind of example this would be for those who you shepherd? And for the people who follow your ministry ? Are you going back on your testimony? Kmt! People boosting your eggo to say ,[ hooo no please don’t go back] you need a reality check! I can’t bother with these foolishness.”

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