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Jamaican minister advocates for parental oversight of Children’s cell phone use


With an increasing number of parents providing their children with cell phones, Jamaica’s Labour and Social Security Minister Pearnel Charles Jr has emphasized the importance of parental oversight of their children’s digital activities. 

Amid concerns over the safety of youngsters in the online space, Charles Jr has advised parents to actively monitor and assess their children’s use of these devices.

Navigating challenges in technological supervision

During a recent ceremony at St Elizabeth Technical High School, where Jamaican workers employed at Gebber Farms in the United States presented grants to agricultural science students, Charles Jr highlighted the critical role of supervision in safeguarding children’s welfare in the digital world. 

He stressed that effective parenting in this era of rapid technological advancements involves vigilant monitoring of the tools children use daily.

The new realities of childhood in the digital era

Reflecting on the differences between his own childhood and that of today’s youth, Charles Jr remarked on the new challenges presented by modern technology. 

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He noted that today’s children are exposed to a broader array of information and potential influences, making parental guidance more crucial than ever. 

He urged parents and guardians to take a proactive role in managing their children’s interactions with technology, reminding them of the fundamental reasons for adult supervision in ensuring children’s safety and well-being.

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