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Haiti’s newly appointed Prime Minister discharged from hospital


Haiti’s newly appointed Prime Minister, Garry Conille, was discharged from the hospital after spending the night due to an undisclosed medical issue. 

Released after just one night, Conille shared his renewed vigor and readiness to address the nation’s pressing issues in a video statement, backdroped by a serene setting of lush greenery.

Navigating health and security concerns 

With Haiti in the grips of a severe security crisis, Conille’s commitment to forming a government that addresses both the immediate security concerns and long-standing issues like healthcare is critical. 

The prime minister’s health scare, attributed to his asthmatic condition, underscores the personal challenges he faces while navigating the turbulent political landscape.

Conille’s homecoming and vision 

Returning to Haiti on June 1, after serving as UNICEF’s regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean, Conille stepped into his role amidst escalating violence. 

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His task is monumental: quelling gang violence and alleviating the economic strains that have plunged Haiti into deep poverty, with inflation soaring to a record 29 per cent.

The harsh reality of gang dominance

Gang violence has significantly destabilized the capital, Port-au-Prince, leading to the closure of about 60 per cent of the city’s hospitals. 

With healthcare facilities under siege, medical professionals often remain confined to their homes, dodging violent confrontations. 

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The gangs’ control extends beyond the city, disrupting essential routes and displacing over 360,000 residents.

A regime change amidst turmoil 

The resignation of Ariel Henry, Conille’s predecessor, marked a significant shift in Haiti’s governance.

Henry’s departure followed devastating gang assaults on key infrastructures, demonstrating the gangs’ extensive reach and influence. 

As Conille steps in, the challenges are stark, but his commitment remains steadfast.

International support on the horizon

In response to the ongoing turmoil, the Haitian government anticipates support from a United Nations-backed international police force, including contributions from Kenya. 

This reinforcement aims to restore order and stability as Conille and his administration push forward to alleviate the crisis.

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