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Gov. Ron Desantis announces budget increase for teacher salaries


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis recently announced an unprecedented increase in the state’s budget specifically designated for teacher salaries. 

During a news conference in Hialeah on Monday, it was revealed that the budget for this year would see a record-setting boost of $1.25 billion, earmarked solely for enhancing teacher compensation.

Steady growth in teacher Pay

This latest increment is part of a broader trend of salary improvements for educators in Florida, with total increases amounting to $4.6 billion since 2020. Under Governor DeSantis’ administration, the average minimum salary for teachers has seen a notable rise. 

From just under $40,000 when he took office, the average minimum teacher salary has climbed to over $48,000, marking a substantial increase from about $39,000 five years ago.

Addressing regional cost of living variations

In addition to raising the baseline salary, the new budgetary provisions also consider the varied cost of living in different regions across Florida. 

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Teachers residing in areas with higher living costs will benefit from starting salaries that are adjusted upwards to reflect these economic differences. 

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